♥Challenge 3: Student Blogging Challenge

Hi! 🙂 This is Activity 2 (Challenge 3) for the Student Blogging ChallengeThese are my guidelines for commenting on a student blog.  

1) Don’t provide any personal information!

2) Be kind.

3) If you get a comment make sure to comment back.

4) Be respectful.

5)  Make sure your comment relates to the topic.

6) Start and end your comment like a letter. For example:

     Hi __(type  person’s name here)__ ,

      __(type  your comment here)__

 From __(type your name here)__

7) Make sure your comment makes sense! 🙂

8) Make sure someone else didn’t write the same thing before you post your comment.

9) Double check the spelling.

 Thanks for reading, have a nice day. 🙂  From Meridith ♥

(If you want to learn more about commenting guidelines you should visit this page by Ms Edwards , this video by Mrs Yollis and her students and this post by Mrs Martinez and her students! Those blogs helped me alot 😀 I also want to say thanks to Ms Edwards for letting me use her Footprint photo :))

5 thoughts on “♥Challenge 3: Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Meridith,

    I love how you summarized the most important ideas from all the people you referenced. I’ll send my students to your blog as a reminder. Thank you!

  2. Hi Miss W,
    Yes, I did check them out. Their guidlines were really helpful, because they gave me more ideas to add to my list. 🙂


  3. Ms Edwards/Sheri,
    Your welcome! 😀 My ICT teacher (Mr L), said that we always have to give credit if we use a pciture or photo that isn’t ours. 🙂


    PS Thanks for showing your students my blog! 😀

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