Colour a post!

Hi! This is Activity 3 (Challenge 5) for the Student Blogging Challenge! 🙂 For Activity 3 we have to write a post about our favourite colour. We also have to include at least 3 images. Then we have to explain why we chose those images. We also have to give attribution. 🙂  

I have lots of favourite colours like Blue and Pink but my most favourite colour is GREEN! 😀 Those are my favourite colours because they’re light. I don’t really like dark colours. (Like these example, example, example.) 

Anyway, here are the images!

 This image is from Flickr! By Pink Sherbet Photography. 😀 Here’s the link 

I chose this picture because I like all the colours and the flowers were cute. 🙂

 This is my second picture. It’s also from Flickr and it’s by danceitup3x3′  🙂

 Here’s the link: 😀 




 I chose this picture because I liked the way the flowers were on paint.  I also liked the colours! 😀

Here’s my last picture. It’s also from flicker! 😛 It’s by periwinklepenguins!Here’s the link and the pciture!  I chose this picture because it has some of my favourite colours in it and because the teddy is so cute! 😀

Thanks for reading! 😛 What’s you favourite colour?

Meridith ♥